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August 10, 2011
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Planetary Moe by ROSEL-D Planetary Moe by ROSEL-D
Gijinka for the Classical planets and dwarf planets(though they are not in order) :D
I know some will ask where is Jupiter's Red spots and Neptune's Blue spots... they're their birthmarks and I can't show them to you... :iconhurrplz:
Hope you like it :D
It's a big file, so you may download it, to see the more detailed version :D

Main 8

Age: about 4.54 billion years old

Eyes: Orange Hair: brown
others: has short limbs, that’s why his hands are hidden inside his sleeves.

He is shortest among the main 8 solar system planets, two moons are even taller than him(Ganymede and Titan). Calling him ‘short’ is his berserk-button. Among the planets, he’s the closest to Sun(literally), he has a love-hate relationship with him(not in a yaoi way, of course ^^;). Because of his petite stature, he’s sometimes forced to crossdress. Oh… and he moves fast… and… Jupiter scares him.


Age: about 4.54 billion years old(lol )

Eyes: golden Hair: Yellow
others: the only known female member of the main 8 (but a bit conscious, since she’s not exactly the lady material like the other female celestial bodies)

V-chan is Earth’s sister. The most manliest and the sane man among the main 8 planets. That’s why she’s usually the one who leads every meeting.
She is almost opposite too Earth. With Mars and Earth, they form the best buddy trio of the inner solar system. She doesn’t tolerate any stupidity when she sees one. She also have a love-hate relationship with Sun.


Age: about 4.54 billion years old(lol )

Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown
others: has a flower sticking on his/her head(Do not pull, Earth will die. Represents ‘nature’)

a curious planet. A bit scatterbrained. Likes to take secret pictures of other planets.
Easily scared of strange phenomenon but quite used to war and stuff.
Better at doing chores than Venus.
Has a hidden violent side(‘dark earth’)


Age: about 4.54 billion years old(lol )

Eyes: golden Hair: Yellow
others: Has a pet alien named Marty(from the word ‘Martian’)

He’s pretty hyper.
a guy who loves mysteries and weird things. Like Earth, he’s an airhead. He doesn’t know that the space probes Earth gives to him as gifts have hidden cameras inside. He loves to annoy V-chan along with Marty.
Jupiter seems to dislike him, since there’s a huge rock wall between their houses (Asteroid belt).


Age: about 4.54 billion years old

Eyes: Red Hair:Light brownish-grey
others: has a red birthmark and has scars on his body, from his impact with Shoemaker-Levy9 and other comets/asteroids

He wants to make friends at most are scared due to his size. A patient brother to all his 64 siblings.
A bit annoyed at mars. He likes anything ‘smaller’ than him(likely to be pulled by his gravity ) Oh and he keeps Shoemaker-Levy 9’s shredded pieces somewhere in his house.


Age: about 4.54 billion years old
Physical age: 25 or older
Eyes: greyish Hair: Light cream/ butterscotch
others:has a floating ring around him(can also be used as the float… from the idea that Saturn is least dense than water, so it likely would float on water- thing)

A morose planet. He’s one of the most good-looking among the planets(mostly mistaken as a girl). He can draw well and has a lot of moon that acts like mafioso.


Age: about 4.54 billion years old

Eyes: Blue Hair: Blue Green
others: one of the ice giants with Neptune

the weird one. He became like that due to being hit by a huge ball during his childhood. He’s sense of direction is always off. He doesn’t take kindly to those who make a joke out of his name. He acts like a big brother to Neptune, but Neptune insist to stop treating him like a kid.


Age: about 4.54 billion years old

Eyes: Deep Blue Hair: light Blue
others: Pluto’s neighbour and the youngest of the outer solar system

He doesn’t like being called the ‘baby’ among the outer planet group. He and Pluto were close neighbors once… but he forgot. Uranus and him act more like siblings more than Venus and Earth. He has hairpins, to prevent his hair from covering his face(His place is really really windy)


♦I love Pluto, even if he's not a part of the classical planets anymore, he's always left out. (He only talks to Charon now... and Nix,Hydra and S/2011 P 1)

♦Eris' doll is named Dysnomia :XD:

♦Planet Spots(like Jupiter's red spots etc...) are under their shirts. Don't bother finding where they are located. But if you want, go on... unless you don't want to be pulled in by Jupiter's gravity(and never to be seen again :XD:)

♦Earth's gender is unknown.(To be fair... :D)

♦Uranus has a hidden dark side(literally and figuratively :XD:) and he is a bit weird.

♦Mars pet alien is called 'Marty' (from Martian, lol)

♦Uranus and Neptune act like siblings more than Venus and Earth :D

Now has comics:…………………

More Info HEre:……
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OceanshineTFM Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i'm probably late, but uranus and neptune act a lot like norway and iceland xD
mars or earth should make a joke about uranus and say "Hey! its you're ANUS HAHAHAH"
ArtistElliot Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
SunnySunshine203 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
What the ? Uranus and Neptune ?! Why do they look like Norway/Lukas and Emil/Iceland ?!? And out of the all characters they have an Hetalia looks ?! Is this real or is just I'm acting like Prussia/America/Denmark?! 

Janellexox Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Plus, this WAS inspired by Hetalia
SunnySunshine203 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
totally true , like ! Hetalia is really famous ! (trying to copy poland XD)
Janellexox Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Nice one XD
Janellexox Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
.... I just realized that when I saw the faces (and the barrette....)
BloodLily16 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome. Out of curiosity, do you ship any of them?
RandomItaly Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014   Artist
daaaamn pluto's like the sealand of space and jupiter is like the russia of space XDDDD  
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